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We must save Ireland
What has happened to Ireland?

100 years ago the Irish Nation after many centuries of oppression and rebellion, obtained our Freedom and established the Irish State to represent the interests of the Irish People. Unfortunately the government policies and mainstream media have been captured by extremist NGOs and are now pushing extreme globalist agendas.

How is this occurring?

These extremist agendas have led to open borders policies, sexualisation and confusion of our kids via gender ideology, abandonment of neutrality replaced with our active support of warring sides rather than our traditional role of calling for or facilitating peace.
Over 70% of our young people are considering emmigrating to another country as we welcome and house the world.



Government immigration policies have moved heaven and earth to house those arriving while our own people are being made homeless or hopeless, with little to no chance of forming a family let alone owning their home. Climate hysteria has replaced science with CO2, a plant food now viewed as a deadly pollutant. Our way of life and the Irish Nation is rapidly being destroyed by these EXTREME policies but anyone who asks questions is silenced and shamed by magic words such as “far right”, “racist”, “climate deniers” and all class of “phobes” etc. These words are designed to do just that, stop conversations, coupled with censorship laws whose purpose is to criminalize those to speak out.

Who is coming to save us?

The Government and Media have used & abused the natural empathy of the Irish People to pursue these Extreme policies with talk of “our international obligations” but ZERO mention or regard to their primary national obligation, the Irish People.

But Ireland is not alone, this is happening in most countries in Europe and across the western World. Be clear, NO one is coming to save us, our only chance is to save ourselves and in doing so fulfilling our historical role in saving European civilisation as Irish Monks did during the last dark age.
What can be done?

The Irish People” is a fully registered technical political party, established to bring together individuals who would normally run as Independent candidates. By running under a common brand, shamrock logo (on ballot paper) and shared principles, our aim is to increase their electoral chances, starting with the Local and European elections next year. Rather than being bound by a strict party line, our members are encouraged to act, speak, and vote according to their own conscience once elected.

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At The Irish People, we believe in the power of unity and the strength of independent voices coming together. Whether you're ready to dive into politics, volunteer, or simply wish to stay informed, your involvement is crucial to our collective success. By volunteering, you help champion our core values such as free speech, sensible immigration, and support for rural communities, directly contributing to our candidates' success. Your support in any form—time, donations, or spreading the word—makes a significant difference.

Join us today to help shape a future that truly reflects the spirit of Ireland.

Go raibh míle maith agat. We will be back to you very soon

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is The Irish People party?
The Irish People is a political party in Ireland that unites independent candidates under a shared banner. Our aim is to enhance the electoral chances of individuals who share common principles but wish to maintain their independent voice in politics.

2. What are the core principles of The Irish People?
Our core principles include supporting Family values, advocating for Free Speech, prioritizing Housing for Irish citizens, endorsing Sensible Immigration policies, maintaining Neutrality in international conflicts, ensuring Education is free from indoctrination, and supporting Rural and farming communities.

3. How does The Irish People differ from other political parties?
Unlike traditional parties, The Irish People doesn't bind its members to a strict party line. Our members are encouraged to act, speak, and vote according to their individual conscience, ensuring a diverse but unified representation of the Irish people.

4. Who can join The Irish People?
Any independent candidate who aligns with our core principles and seeks to make a meaningful impact in Irish politics is welcome to join. We value diverse perspectives and believe in the strength of unity in diversity of opinion.

5. How does joining The Irish People increase my chances in elections?
By running under our common brand and shamrock logo, candidates gain increased visibility and recognition. The collective identity and support network of The Irish People enhance your campaign's reach and impact, offering a greater chance of electoral success.

6. What support does The Irish People offer to its candidates?
Members receive strategic support, including campaign resources, networking opportunities, and a platform for wider message dissemination. We also provide guidance on policy development and access to a community of like-minded individuals.

7. How can I join The Irish People?
Interested candidates can apply through our website. We'll follow up with more information about the process and how you can become a part of our growing movement.

8. Can I support The Irish People without running for office?
Absolutely! Supporters can contribute through volunteering, donations, or simply by spreading the word about our party and its principles. Every form of support makes a significant difference.

9. What is The Irish People’s stance on current key issues in Ireland?
Our stance on key issues is guided by our core principles. For detailed positions on specific matters, we encourage you to visit our share principles section on the website.

10. How does The Irish People ensure the integrity of its candidates?
We conduct a thorough vetting process for all potential candidates to ensure alignment with our principles and values. We believe in maintaining high ethical standards and transparency in all our political endeavors.


This FAQ section aims to provide clear, concise information about The Irish People party, addressing common queries and concerns that potential members and supporters might have

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